Mercenary CTO and Founder

Dan can be part of your team to help you design-it, sell-it, build-it and implement-it for your client. What more can your ask of a CITO who is a results-oriented technology industry leader and entrepreneur, pioneering and managing complex IT solution designs including enterprise, cloud-based and mobile applications? Leverage 20+ years of requirements and infrastructure analysis expertise to drive business development and retention to customer-focused success.

  • Published author in trade magazines active blogger with 30,000 plus followers.
  • International experience across multiple industries.
  • Provide leadership vision enterprise-wide via decisive and insightful executive leadership, guiding daily operations and policy implementation through strategic thinking and decision-making.
  • Taken multi products from the server and desktop to the cloud and the web.
  • Responsible for budgets of $10M and on and off-shore teams of 200.
  • Known for partnering excellence, seamlessly coordinating and collaborating internal and external teams.
  • Delivery driven – “Do what you say” – motivate teams to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Built and lead high-performance global teams to manage, implement and streamline complex IT designs.
  • Foster virtual team collaboration using relationship building and communications improvement.
  • Spearhead project delivery within tight timeframes, using cutting-edge tools.
  • Building best of breed Digital media and mobile; ERP, MES, WMS, OSS, and BSS always adapting, changing, fine-tuning, improving and updating for the improved bottom line and delivery of the customer experience.
  • The vast amount of my hands-on experience in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.
  • A wide variety of industry vertical markets from Steel to packaged goods including electronics, food, publishing and clothing, recently broadcast digital media.
  • Working on behalf of VCs and Investors in providing SWOT analysis and turnaround consulting.
Execution-focused executive credited with transformational impact to high-profile projects leading collaboration and support for technology initiatives.

Transformational influencer and driving strategic direction of the enterprise, maximizing efficiency and growth while breaking down barriers and eliciting leadership adoption. Led cross-business teams delivering agile, reliable business systems resulting in high satisfaction. Work to consolidate buy-in on projects from the boardroom to the shop floor. Hands-on comprehensive experience in developing and implementing large-scale global enterprise and digital solutions across many vertical industries.

I am a motivated coach and focused team leader who diligently assesses business needs and consistently concentrates on total people and organizational concerns, providing practical solutions, cost-saving initiatives, improvements, and increased productivity through diligent strategic initiatives creation, program management, design and re-engineering, and portfolio management.

My expertise include coaching the total organizational IT direction and management; team building, development and leadership; operations management; IT governance; executive and team communications; management of internal and external stakeholders; cyber security; global HR; cost and benefit analysis; troubleshooting and problem resolution; delivering technology solutions to maximize corporate competitiveness; and IT planning that supports, improves and/or transforms business strategy, processes and operations.

As an executive, I instill the sense of loyalty, flexibility, and company-first values in my employees while providing effective leadership for organizational change and transformation, developing high-performance teams to leverage and deliver technology to maximize corporate competitiveness and keep pace with the overall growth of the business.

  • On-Demand Interim CIO /CTO Management Services
  • Product Development and Software Lifecycle Development (SLD)
  • Implementation of IT-related software, services & technologies
  • Establish long-term IT goals, policies, and procedures and oversee the implementation
  • Determine forecasting requirements for any and all budgetary needs
  • Management of the daily operation and staff of all IT-related business systems
  • Supervise facilities and hardware installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Ensure compliance
  • Managed Services and Network Operating Center
  • Coaching

You can find more information on this web site about some projects, case studies, and articles Daniel Brody has had published. If you are trying to understand what a chief information and technology officer does or does not do! I wrote an article to help you.

Daniel Brody LinkedIn profile also provides similar information and recommendations from Clients, Employees and Business Partners.

Please let me know if you are interested in exploring the opportunity of making Dan Brody your North American CITO for Hire.

CAN DO – GET IT DONE and BE HAPPY DOING IT! Is the mantra of the day, with over 150 successful projects around the world I stand by it.