Using Azure DevOps to Manage Global team

how to use DevOps from a project management standpoint describing a project management aspect of an iterative process with Agile characteristics.

In Development process, ideally we follow the cycles start from designing from Design perspective then Tech perspective. After design is deemed to be valid and ready to start to worked on, then we're start doing implementation and verified by...

Twitter Acquires Niche, a Social-media Talent Scout

Niche helps online stars on services like Vine to find advertisers. Twitter is acquiring Niche, a New York startup that matches social media stars with advertisers, helping Twitter tap into the lucrative world of Internet celebrity. Niche was founded in 2013 and helps hot creators on platforms like Vine, Instagram and YouTube to make money […]

Intel’s IoT Vision Encompasses More Than Chips

Intel's IoT vision encompasses more than chips - Intel is bringing all its assets to bear on the Internet of Things, a hot topic for nearly all IT vendors but one that's especially critical to big chip makers. While Intel would like to see its low-power chips used in sensors, wearables and other hardware that […]

Installing Application Express for Oracle 10g on a Linux RedHat Server

Click on the to download article HowTo: Install Apex Oracle on Linux | May 1, 2007 | Brody, Daniel | COPYRIGHT 2008 TMI Consulting Table of Contents: How To Install Application Express for Oracle 10g Application Express 3.1 Checking the shared_pool_size of the Target Database HTTP Server Requirements About Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql Oracle Text Requirement Installing […]

Click on the to download article Article from: Modern Metals Magazine | October 1, 2003 | Brody, Daniel | COPYRIGHT 2008 Pixmission, LLC “Jump on the e-commerce bandwagon or waste away” is a phrase that resonates with the business community. But an ever-growing...