04 May 2007

Installing Oracle Application Server on a Linux RedHat Server

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HowTo: Install Oracle Application Server on Linux May 4, 2007  Brody, Daniel  COPYRIGHT 2022 Yom Shore Ventures LLC

Installing Oracle Application Server10g Release 2 (32-bit/64-bit) on  Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4, Architecture Table of Contents:

  1. Installing RedHat
  2. Disk Partitioning Setup
  3. Configure and Update the Operating System
  4. Updating the system in Text Mode
  5. Create Oracle Users and Groups
  6. Setting Shell Limits for the Oracle User
  7. Creating Oracle Directories
  8. Setting Oracle Environments
  9. Configuring VNC
  10. Package Verification
  11. Checking Memory and Swap Space
  12. Check /tmp Space
  13. Checking Kernel Parameters
  14. Installing Oracle 10g
  15. Download Oracle
  16. Using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
  17. After Oracle10g has been installed
  18. Create Auto Boot script for Oracle
  19. Adding to boot start.