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Marketing System Features and Capabilities Part 1

High Level required Features and Capabilities of a Marketing Automation Solution

Data sources

Community Upload

  • CSV upload to community database
  • API to outside data source like Salesforce or Shopify as example.
  • Can contain standard profile information and custom fields set by the client
  • * Can set optin data via a columns in the upload file
    (allows users to upload to set unique optins for each record in the upload file)
  • ** Custom mapping between header and Marketing System data

User behavior and tracking

  • Recording web visits (custom beacons)
  • Recording email opens/sends/spam
  • ** OneCode will allow the ability to track multiple web pages without needing to create specific page beacon. Integration with Google analytics will also allow limited tracking of non-registered users

System behavior

  • Deployment information (number of emails sent, eligibility, etc)
  • End user scoring
  • Environics Prizm C2 Integration


  • HTTP REST API allows posting form information. This allows integration/creation of Registration forms and Surveys
  • The SOAP API publically exposes many additional features. This is used for managing data sources which are not typically accessible via the REST API such as loyalty accounts.
  • ** The SOAP API needs to be redesigned and migrated to REST
  • ** Integration with MS Dynamics, Salesforce and Sugar

Campaign management


  • Simple list segmentation
  • Smart segmentation based on any data points (profile/customfield/scoring/etc.) as well as user behaviour (opening a specific email/click through/visiting a webpage)
  • * Chained emails to simplify drip marketing campaigns
  • ** Simplification to use natural language

Rules Engine

  • Triggers: incoming behaviour tracking, beacons, data updates, timestamp data
  • Actions: modify segments, score values, loyalty account values, update data, deploy transactional messages, enter into contest
  • Can be criteria driven as well deferred
  • ** Rules engine simplification to use a workflow engine or natural language editor

consumer scoring

  • Ranked and raw scores available; ranked scores displayed as an engagement index
  • Unlimited number of custom scores
  • ** Functionality expansion: score bucketing, score expiry, improved analytics

Ready go templates

  • ** Currently somewhat useless to our clients, it acts as a document for creating action specific campaigns. Future product will automate the creation of campaigns for specific goals

Marketing Tactics


  • Plaintext and HTML email
  • External content injection
  • Dynamic variable substitution based on profile data
  • Dynamic content assembly based on logical statements
  • Spam analysis to increase deliverability
  • AB Testing
  • Recurring (newsletter) capability
  • * Chaining for drip marketing
  • ** Templates


  • ** Front end for deployments exists, backend needs development to integrate with a new gateway partner and exploration of short code vs long code usage (shared vs dedicated)


  • The integrated contest engine allows users to be entered into a draw for any number of prizes and drawn randomly at a specified time/date.
  • Option to audit winners prior to notification to verify eligibility, documents reason for redraw if applicable


  • Not accessible from the UI but works via the SOAP API. Redeems unique pincodes for users in the database and can trigger actions using redemption as an event

loyalty programs

  • Relies on the SOAP API to function and client designing the front end
  • The Marketing System acts as a database to store loyalty accounts/transaction/redemptions and transactional notification
  • Fulfillment is the client's responsibility

Surveys and registration forms

  • Surveys use client designed web pages, custom fields and either Soap API or PHP web form scriplets
  • Integrate with the Marketing System to collect data from standard HTML form fields
  • ** Registration/Form Field Wizard (about 60% completed)


  • An extension of surveys and form registration, allows endusers to enter emails of friends for a one time notification (CANSPAM "CASL" compliant)


  • Social Media Systems integration allows clients to post to multiple streams at the same time on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis
  • Keyword sentiment tracking across web/blog/social
  • Not integrated with any of the automation components in the Marketing System
  • ** Develop integration via API with a vendor
  • ** Create additional value by monitoring social media streams for activity to use as enduser events



  • ** The analytics dashboard will display relevant analytics to monitor the health of campaigns


  • At a glance overview of click throughs/opens/spam reports/bounces for any email deployment

Analytics engine

  • Exposes any information in the system in report/graphical form. Some examples:
    Enduser behaviour
    Behavioural information per segment/email deployment
    Community growth over time
    Score growth over time
    Email performance monitoring
    * Reports will be cleaned up (currently over 100 reports in the system)
  • There are a lot of reports listed in the UI but clients historically have only used:

Email summary

Email link click through

Community exports

Event exports

  • Allows users to export data for off platform analysis in SPSS/SAS/Excel/etc.
  • ** New HTML5 reporting engine to allow accessibility from tablets and mobile devices

See Yield Technology and DRFT Sports Marketing for example.

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