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Whether you are a sports marketer looking to sell tickets, an entertainment marketer looking to fill seats or a retail marketer looking to build your brand, Yield provides simple tools to engage and acquire a larger customer audience.


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Reach a greater number of the customers you need through a variety of easy to use marketing tools.  Learn more (Link to Platform Page)


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Learn more about your customers and connect with them on a more engaged level.  Learn more (Link to Benefits Page)


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Achieve stronger results in your marketing and sales campaigns with fewer resources, using real time metrics to highlight success.


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The Marketing Control Centre (Marketing System) platform provides user-friendly tools to engage and acquire a larger audience.  Expand your customer base and generate more of the leads you need to achieve your marketing and sales goals.


The Marketing System toolbox:


Design, deliver and manage the email dialogue with your target audience.


SMS Mobile

Set-up mobile marketing campaigns and/or trigger-based text messages straight to prospects.


Social Media

Track and manage who is sharing content in popular social networks and pinpoint specific dialogue.


Campaign Management

Manage all components of the campaign by setting up parameters for Marketing System to operate within.


Analytics & Reporting

Real-time metrics of all campaign activities to support activity through measurable ROI.


Consumer Scoring

Identify specific groups and your top prospects based on easy-to-configure preferences.  Target more effectively.



Manage all general and administrative functions through the interactive and user-friendly display.


Loyalty Programs

Keep your audience engaged with multi-channel loyalty programs and our unique contest engine.



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Email (Sub-page)


The Marketing System platform allows for a consistent channel of dialogue with your audience.  Go beyond simple email blasts with a variety of email tools.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Plaintext and HTML
  • External content injection
  • Personalization with profile data
  • Spam analysis to increase deliverability
  • AB Testing
  • Recurring newsletter capability


SMS Mobile (Sub-page)


Reach consumers in any location creating consistent dialogue.  Marketing System makes it easy to set up text message (SMS) deployments or trigger-based SMS messages.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Personalized preference-based options
  • Deployment scheduling
  • Real-time monitoring, updating, tracking and reporting


Social Media (Sub-page)


Beyond social media awareness, Marketing System allows for revenue generation through tracking.  Manage who is sharing content and drive social influencers towards your brand.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Post multiple streams concurrently on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis
  • Keyword tracking across popular sites
  • APIs available for integration


Campaign Management (Sub-page)


Marketing System allows for comprehensive marketing output for minimal personnel input.  Use the campaign management features to focus efforts around set parameters.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Simple list segmentation based on data points and user behaviour
  • Rules engine to track and understand audience behaviour and values
  • Begin to gain granular insight into your audience by setting up the ability to score consumers


Analytics & Reporting (Sub-page)


Gather the information you need to quantify the success of your marketing efforts, and highlight the ROI using easy to access metrics.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Highlight success by quantifying end-user behaviour in report or graphical form
  • Use Marketing System’s analytical engine to monitor the health of a campaign either quickly through ‘QuickStats’ overviews or in-depth via exported SPSS/SAS/Excel files


Consumer Scoring (Sub-Page)


Manage the segmentation of your customer database to identify who is most valuable to your brand and organization.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Ranked and raw scores available and displayed in an easy to understand engagement index
  • Utilize targeted data to focus your marketing campaigns to generate more engagement
  • More engagement and higher scores on the index result in greater sales


Administration (Sub-Page)


Utilize the easy-to-use Marketing System dashboard to manage all general and administrative functions directly within the web-based console.


Loyalty Programs (Sub-Page)


Take advantage of Marketing System’s innovate contest engine to keep your audience engaged.  Take advantage of multiple contest-driven channels to generate a positive response for your brand.


The benefit of Marketing System:

  • Your audience can be entered into a draw for any number of prizes and drawn randomly at a specified time/date
  • Store loyalty accounts, transactions, redemptions and transactional notifications





With a bigger audience, utilize Marketing System for better engagement.  By learning more about your customer base, qualify better leads to maximize productivity and revenue generation.  Marketing System maximizes productivity through:


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Regardless of your marketing project, Marketing System provides resources for marketers to meet their marketing and sales objectives.





Professional Consultation

New to automated marketing?  We will show you every aspect of the platform to ensure maximum output for your investment.


Technical Product Support

Via multiple channels, our team is ready to assist you in resolving any technical issue.




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