Disruptive retail and supply chain solution


Cozumo patent-pending technology, retailers are able to plug-and-play leading edge, best-of-breed customer marketing strategies. No more worrying about legacy systems or costly integrations. The simple solution enables retailers’ access to data visualization, micro-segmentation analytics, couponing, and loyalty without ever touching the POS.

  • Cozumo gives merchants get the unprecedented ability to accurately know who their customers are, what they are buying, how they are buying, where they are buying and indeed when they are buying.
  • Hardware interceptor collects barcodes at POS
  • API collects scanned UPC codes
  • High transaction database stores one days data and API use of customers
  • Data is moved to DB Cube for Analytics
  • Really big data!
  • Azure Cloud deployment
  • .NET and HTML5 code with MSSql cloud DB